What Stock Should I Buy?

Are you looking for good stocks to buy in 2014? Do you want to find top stocks you can buy today that stand the best chance of going up? You are not alone. 

There are thousands of stocks to choose from but it seems the majority of Internet and television coverage goes to a select few “glamour” stocks. These are stocks like Facebook, Netflix, LinkedIn, Amazon, Tesla, and many others that all have very high valuations and may not be the best stocks you can buy right now. 

Buying value and holding on to it is the best way to make money in the stock market. Not trading stocks with the buy and sell mentality that so many investors have today. Please watch the important video below that can save/make you a lot of money in your investing lifetime:

Everyone Likes The Cool Tech Stocks

Technology plays such a large part of our lives now that most people are familiar with what many of the social media and tech stocks do. Its so much easier and desirable to buy stocks of companies you understand and use than stock of companies that you’ve never heard of. Combine that with the mystique that continues to surround the Internet and you get investors willing to pay outrageous prices for stocks like Amazon in the hopes that someday they will rule the world. 

But you probably won’t make much money buying them and they are risky with their high valuations.

Do you have any doubt that buying Pinterest stock will be hot on investor’s minds if and when an IPO takes place? How about buying Spotify stock when that happens? Both of these companies may or may not be good investments but you can bet that the media coverage will be such that many investors will buy hoping to make a quick buck. 

I Hate Buying High Priced Stocks

I try to stay away from those media darling stocks as much as I can mainly because they are so expensive and for long term buy and hold investors like myself, they just don’t seem like good investments. I prefer stocks with dividends and ones that are in an industry that is expanding or in a business that should do well in the future. In almost every case, my ideal scenario would be to buy a stock that I can hold on to for years, rather than months. 

It doesn’t always work out that way but that is usually my goal.

That doesn’t mean I never buy the high flying stocks and take a chance. I do and I have and I will in the future. But for the vast majority of my retirement/investment money, I look for stocks that are cheap and have value. Those are the stocks that let me sleep well at night because owning them means that I have invested in a company that should do well over time. 

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