What Is The Minimum Number Of Shares I Can Buy?

Question: What is the fewest number of shares can I buy of any one stock?

Answer: With any online stock broker, the least number of shares you can buy is always the same: one. 

It doesn’t matter what the stock costs, you can buy as little as one share if you so choose. For instance, that means you can buy one share of Nokia at $8, one share of Facebook at $63, or one share of Google at $554. 

Please beware though, the commission for each sale will be the same. Stock brokers make their money on the commission they charge you for each trade no matter how many shares or the dollar amount involved. That means you will be charged the same amount for buying one share of Intel at $27 as you would for 100 shares of Netflix at $423. Most online discount stock brokers charge between $5 and $10 per trade. 

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