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I began investing my savings into the stock market in my late 20’s and it was the best financial decision I have ever made. No matter what age you are, but particularly if you are in your 20’s to 40’s, I believe investing in stocks is the best way to grow your money.

Opening your first online broker account and buying your first stock with real money can be the biggest obstacle and so I have put together some reading that will help you get started:

I have opened a portfolio and put $300,000 of real money in it and I will show you what stocks I buy and sell. Whether I pick winners or losers, you will see everything I do. Every day the stock market is open I post a picture of my account so you can see how my stock(s) have done. I also have a page where you can read about every stock I purchase and my reason for buying:

I can’t guarantee I will make money on any given stock pick or time period but my hope is that with the long term time horizon I have (about 10 years), I will be able to grow my portfolio into something much bigger than I would have if I put it all in a interest bearing bank CD.

I just wanted to finish off by inviting you to come say hi to me on my Facebook page and “Liking” it so that you can keep up with all my thoughts on the market. I will respond to any messages you leave me and I hope I can help you on your way to a profitable lifetime of stock investing. Thanks!



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