Sell 300 Shares Of Facebook (FB) On 8/21/2015

I sold all 300 of my Facebook shares this morning at a price of $87.27 for a short term profit of $4,702. (You can here to read why I bought FB stock almost a year ago)

FB Sale

Just like my recent Under Armour sale, I hated to sell this stock. I chose to do so NOT because anything is wrong with the company or their business but because of deteriorating market conditions and my fear that Facebook’s high valuation (P/E of about 88) may lead investors to sell it with more ferocity than other stocks. Also just like UA, I would love to buy FB back at a lower price and own it again when the market settles down. 

This market right now is in free fall and no one knows when it will end. I have to sleep at night and ultimately I am more worried about this stock than the others. I wish I had sold it closer to $100 but I still have a nice gain and must be thankful for that. My feeling is that it is never wrong to take profits if doing that ultimately makes you feel more comfortable which is the case here. 

6 Responses to “Sell 300 Shares Of Facebook (FB) On 8/21/2015”

  1. Dante Preston says:

    Selling FB was a bad move. That company is embedded in the fabric of most technology today. You hold that until you die. I also notice that I did not invest in any Basic Material (oil, gas, gold, etc.) Utilities and Industrial goods when they are up year-to-date 20%, 19.3% and 13.2%, respectively. Wassup with that????

  2. Barbara says:

    P.S. I wanted to buy facebook stocks but I see that Bruce just sold his

  3. Barbara says:

    I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a step by step recommendation of how I can start out buying stocks. Right now I own stocks. Paychex….the price just sits there. It is not growing at all. I have had these for years and I want to sell them and buy something active that is going to make me some money….that I need very badly to retire with! can someone send me info? Barbara.empire@gmail .com I really need the help…I am not good at this at all but I know I need to invest in stocks Thank you. Barb

  4. Adam says:

    Good Job!
    Noticed your CCP buy but couldn’t find an article on it. Care to share your thoughts on this purchase?

    • Bruce Alan says:

      CCP was a spin off of Ventas (VTR) so those shares were automatically added to my portfolio. I added the CCP to the table on the front page. Thanks for reading.

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