This is a list of resources I personally use and recommend or that I think that some of my readers might get value from. I will add to this page whenever I come across useful things that might be helpful in making you a better stock investor. 

1) OptionsHouse – If trading fees are a big concern (fees can add up quickly if you make a lot of trades or don’t have much money to invest), OptionsHouse offers one of the lowest fees around. At just $4.95 per trade, its fee structure is just about one half of what many other online brokers charge. There is no minimum to open an account and OptionsHouse came in at an impressive 3rd place in Barron’s 2016 broker ratings. Investors of all levels will do well to open an account at this well established and highly rated broker. 

2) Motif – This is the only online broker that I am aware of that is advertising access to IPO’s before the first day of trading. Through their partnership with J.P. Morgan, you may be able to get in on the ground floor of IPO’s that are led by that underwriter. 

3) Wall Street SurvivorAre you new to stock investing and find it confusing? Do you wonder what it is like to buy and sell stocks online? Wall Street Survivor is the place to get started with one of the leading stock market simulators (free to sign up and use) where you can trade $100,000 in virtual currency just like you would with real money at a real online broker. Additionally, there are are dozens of courses and videos (for a fee) that will concisely answer many of your questions about the stock market and help demystify the process of investing.   

4) Yahoo Finance – This is where I get all my stock quotes and information about the stocks I own. Each companies stock quote is followed by the most recent news stories where you can keep up to date about the latest news. Charts and other information are all available for free, making Yahoo Finance the place on the Web were I spend the most time researching anything and everything about the companies I own and may want to buy.

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