I Bought 100 Shares Of Costco (COST) And 100 Shares of CVS Health Corp. (CVS) On 8/24/2015

I’ll keep this short and not give any specific reasons why I bought these two companies today because when I bought them, the market was in an insanity dive down 1000+ points for the Dow and down 300+ points for the NASDAQ. I would have bought almost any good stock at that point and you can read about what happened to the market on 8/25/2015.

I got 100 shares of COST at $126.30 and 100 shares of CVS at $90.42.

**On 2/9/2017 I bought an additional 200 shares of CVS at $76.38

**On 7/6/2017 I bought an additional 100 shares of COST at $158.77

Both Costco and CVS are big name companies with solid businesses and balance sheets. I feel they will do well in the long term and both have little to no business in China which is the major concern at this time for investors and why the market is crashing. It was a big, big sale this morning for about 10 minutes and I wan’t able to get a lot but I am thankful for at least being able to make these two purchases. 

2 Responses to “I Bought 100 Shares Of Costco (COST) And 100 Shares of CVS Health Corp. (CVS) On 8/24/2015”

  1. Dan says:

    Dear Alan,

    Thank you for the website very interesting!

    I have followed CVS for the last 48 hours, the graph is very attractive and the company management/structure as well.

    I am new to stock market and I believe that I should start with CVS for long term investment (3 years min) what do you think and how much money should I give it for the first try on this stock

    • Bruce Alan says:

      I don’t recommend what stock to buy or how much to buy as I don’t want any readers upset with me. I only tell you what stocks I am buying and then you should make your own decision.

      Most financial advisors recommend putting no more than 5% of your investable savings into any one stock although you can see that I put more than that. For someone new to the stock market though, the 5% rule may be a good idea.

      As for CVS, I hope to own it 3 years or longer so good luck to both of us if you do decide to buy it.

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