Can I Sell A Stock I Own At Any Time?

Buying stocks is just half of the process because at some future time, you will want to sell the stocks you buy. For every “buy” there will eventually be a “sell”.

I was asked the question on another post:Can you sell your stocks at any time? How does that work?

Modern technology (computers, Internet, etc.) has made the stock market easily accessible to everyone and it has streamlined what was once a very complicated process. Now computers do almost everything involved with a stock trade and that means all that is left for you to do is to push a few buttons and your transactions will be completed.

Most big name stocks (companies that you hear about and are familiar with) have hundreds of thousands if not millions of shares of their stock traded every day. That means finding someone to buy the shares you want to sell can be done in seconds by the computer. And mere seconds is just about how long it takes to complete any stock trade through your stock broker. It is extremely simple for investors.

Some stocks of lesser known and obscure companies have far fewer shares traded but the broker still does the work for you. It may take longer in those cases for your trade to be executed.

I suggest sticking with stocks of companies that are mainstream and there are thousands of them to choose from. There are more than enough companies to keep you busy trying to find the better ones that have bright futures ahead of them. Additionally, there are frequent IPO’s (initial public offerings) where companies go public and offer stock shares for the first time. 

Whatever stock(s) you decide to buy, the buying process and selling process will only take seconds. It makes it easy for all investors to own stocks and be part of what has historically been the best way to grow your retirement savings. 

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