Bruce AlanI’m Bruce and I was lucky. When I was in my 20’s my Dad made it a point to teach me about the stock market. He firmly believed that the best way to invest money was in stocks and he instilled that belief in me.

Through the years I have always put my savings into the market, one stock at a time. I’ve sold many stocks for gains and some for losses but the end result has put me way ahead of where I would be had I never been introduced to stocks.

Are You In Your 20’s Or 30’s?

I’m worried about the younger generations that by all accounts, are shying away from buying stocks because they don’t trust the system. Its understandable: the stock market seems to be very volatile these days and there have been a couple of bear markets that were downright scary. First there was the Dot-com bubble in 2000 and then there was 2008 where the market was cut in half.

Both times the market fought back to reach new highs but the distrust is still there. Youngsters today are putting their money elsewhere and that’s the problem…… you can’t find any other type of investment that even beats inflation!

My $300,000 Portfolio

I started this website with a brand new real money account and I put $150,000 in it. About one year later I added an additional $150,000. This is real money and a real account. I’m not doing this to show off – that is not my purpose. I’m doing this to show you what it is like to buy and sell stocks online so you can watch, learn, and hopefully it will demystify the process.

I am a long term investor. I don’t trade stocks frequently. I try to pick good companies that will make money over an extended period of time and make me money as well. I believe that is the way most people should invest their savings for retirement.

If you are not currently buying stocks, you will be able to see what it is like, what is involved, and hopefully gain the courage to open up your own discount broker stock account. From there a whole new world of investing will open up.

Getting started can be the hardest part and I want to push you in that direction! Learn how to get started buying stocks here

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