$300,000 Portfolio

I’m buying stocks in a real money account I opened in the amount of $300,000. See what stocks I buy and why I buy them. I walk you through each decision I make, both when I buy a stock and when I sell it. I do not recommend what stocks you buy (because I don’t want you to get upset with me if your stock(s) go down!) but you can follow along to see how I manage my real money portfolio.

I started this portfolio by initially depositing $150,000 on 8/30/2013 and adding an additional $150,000 on 12/31/2014. I may have large amounts of cash at any time in the portfolio as I am under no obligation to have all of it in the market at once. I will be investing slowly and carefully, only buying the stocks I like for the reasons I explain. It is my goal to mostly pick stocks I can hold on to for years, rather than make a lot of quick trades as has become so fashionable by traders in todays stock market. 

I am a long term investor who has invested money in stocks for more than 30 years. Please be sure to read what this website is about and how you can get started investing HERE.

Below you will find the latest screen shot of my portfolio holdings on 2/23/2018:

Stock SymbolStock NameDate of Purchase# Of SharesPrice Paid Notes
AAPL Apple Inc.12/23/2013
Why I bought Apple stock
VTRVentas, Inc5/22/2014
Why I bought Ventas
CVSCVS Health Co.8/24/2015
Why I bought CVS stock
DISDisney8/27/2015150$102.47 Why I bought Disney
GILDGilead Sciences9/25/2015200$100.07 Why I bought Gilead
SPYS&P 500 ETF80$210.33 Why I'm buying SPY
Why I bought Nintendo
SFTBYSoftBank12/28/2017500$39.60 Why I bought SoftBank

Stock Sells

Stock Symbol# Of SharesPrice PaidSell PriceGain/LossNotes
HPQ500$27.80$33.29+$2,720.71Why I Sold HPQ
CHL300$56.15$63.11+$2,087.40Why I Sold CHL
YHOO600$37.47$42.03+$2,736Why I Sold YHOO
CHK1000$21.65$9.63-$12,032Why I Sold CHK
UA200$67.14$97.55+$6,062Why I Sold UA
+$4,702Why I Sold FB
CCP 125$35.87$25.62-$1.281.13Spinoff from VTR
AAL400$50.9849.52-580.83Why I Sold AAL

F1500$15.38$10.61-$7,155Why I Sold F
COST200$142.53$186.43+$8.780Why I Sold COST

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